Djinn Ring :Ifrit
Djinn Ring :Ifrit
Djinn Ring :Ifrit
Djinn Ring :Ifrit

Djinn Ring :Ifrit

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This ring is the real deal. Not a joke. And needs to be highly respected. And treated with high regard. Djinn are not used to being ignored and you will have to be there for my Djinn when he needs.

*There is a Djinn inside this ring*

The Djinn inside this ring is a Male 

The full information is only sent after he has been homed. And will come with name, likes, dislikes, info on his clan, personality and the small ritual you must do to claim my Djinn. Once you are the new owner I do a ritual to pass ownership over to you. After this he is sent to you ...carefully and well taken care of. 

Again... This is Djinn .... And they demand respect. Extremely powerful entities. And must be treated well. 

~Do not buy this item if you are doing this as a joke~