Anaxeiraz “Coven Member “

Anaxeiraz “Coven Member “

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I am proud to present to you one of my loves in the coven! A member of the Coven of Whispers!  Anaxeiraz is a dedicated practitioner of Qlippothic Magic and Attraction Magic. Hes completely in love with the art of casting. For the moment he first began! He could feel a beautiful darkness protrude outward into all areas of his life. He spent some unforgettable years mastering his Rituals like a mad scientist. He has put the hours in to that and proudly states that He is willing to be of service to others. He really looks forward to attracting the things people need right then and there!(Because that’s his goal) Separation can be a damaging thing and hes here to attract what people need most in their lives. Whether that be a lover, money, or empowerment, Hes here to magnetize.

He has some very special rituals to offer! 

Revenge Ritual of Azazel: "The tables have turned and now you are the scapegoat!"

Ritual of Azazel: "Immediate Dark Empowerment and irresistible desirability"

Attraction Ritual of Lilith: "Enter someones dream and bring them forth"

Curse Ritual of Santa Muerte: "Guadaña Tormento"

Domination Ritual of Bael: "Make a prisoner out of the desired target"

Ritual of Bifrons: "Bring peace to a dead relative"

Poltergeist removal with Bifrons: "Get out!"

Bifrons' Ritual of Communication: "Converse with the dead and silenced"

To book you must contact me via instagram @whispers_of_the_dark_moon with 

name dob photo and service you would like to book.