Amulet of The Moon
Amulet of The Moon
Amulet of The Moon
Amulet of The Moon

Amulet of The Moon

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This is a Enchanted Item. This is not your average item and has been cast upon for a specific purpose. These items may be worn continuously as long as you cleanse and charge them. I highly recommend under moon energy and placed on your altar if possible. Otherwise left under the moon will do. Cleansing should be done once a month ..   

This item has been enchanted to manifest pure Moon energy.

Again as this is a magical item please treat it as so.

This amulet is made of sterling silver, Moon stone, and Kyanite.

This item was enchanted to bring the bearer the energy of the full moon at any time, during any moon phase, during any time of the day or night. enchanted under 6 moons, in the 6th hour of the moon, and finished 06-06 (June 6th). 6666, Biblically this number means the grace of God, Spiritually it means Balance. Also 6666 warns you against mistakes being made. 

Moonstone is highly connected to the moon.. often associated with the Goddess Selene. And a stone that is well known to help those who feel alive in the silence of the night. This stone also helps tap into psychic gifts, compassion, empathy, and patience. Moonstone is often called a visionary stone. Strengthening intuition and psychic perception, especially offering us visions of things that are not immediately obvious. 

Kyanite is the meditation stone, for attunement among many things. It will not retain negative energy therefore it never requires clearing. Kyanite aligns all chakras. It dispels blockages, moving energy gently throughout the body. This also opens the third eye and throat chakra.