Amulet of Renewal
Amulet of Renewal
Amulet of Renewal

Amulet of Renewal

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This is a Enchanted Item. This is not your average item and has been cast upon for a specific purpose. These items may be worn continuously as long as you cleanse and charge them. I highly recommend under moon energy and placed on your altar if possible. Otherwise left under the moon will do. Cleansing should be done once a month ..   

This item has been enchanted to manifest the bearers dreams and truest wishes.

Again as this is a magical item please treat it as so.

This is a Tree of Life Amulet made of sterling silver. 

This pendant has been enchanted to bring the bearer connection, family, ancestors connections, Strength, Growth, while maintaining the persons individuality, Helping them to real ease the old and bring in the new.. Truly being born again spiritually, and peace.

The Tree of life is a ancient symbol with the oldest known example in Turkey dating back to 7000bc. the arcadians also had a version of this symbol dating to 3000bc. The tree of life also holds strong significance to the ancient Celts, In Christianity the tree of life is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Genesis. In Buddhism the tree of life is known as the Bhodi-Tree or The tree of Enlightenment. In Celtic belief the roots symbolize the other world, the trunk the mortal world and the branches the world above or heavens. In Islam it is known as the Tree of Immortality and is mentioned in the Quran. In Judaism it is the tree of life that sustains and nourished life. The list goes on. The tree of life is a symbol of connection, ancestry, fertility, family, growth, strength, death, life, rebirth, individuality, Peace and immortality.