13 Demon curse Oil
13 Demon curse Oil
13 Demon curse Oil

13 Demon curse Oil

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1.Bael : Head of the Infernal Armies of 66 legions..

2.Beelzebub : Prince of Demons, aka Lord of the Flies, former highest ranking angel in heaven..

3.Cresil : Demon of impurity and laziness

4.Gaap : Prince of hell, intensifies hatred

5.Eurynome : Superior demon who feeds on corpses; the Prince of Death

6.Jezebeth : Demon of falsehoods and lies

7.Samael : Demon angel of death, prince of the power of the air

8.Lucifer : Light bearer, son of the morning; former seraphim cast out of heaven

9.Lilith : Mother of demons

10.Nicor : Water demon known for drowning humans; can cause hurricanes, tempests.

11.Paymon : a king of hell, master of ceremonies; governs 200 legions

12.Vetis : Demon of corruption

13.Sonneillon : Demon of hatred

This oil is not easily made and I will not have more for 3 months. Limited supply.

This is not a oil to play with.

Do not buy this unless you mean to really, really, hurt someone.